Vladdin is the one of Booming Niche E-cig Brand

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Vladdin is the one of Booming Niche E-cig Brand

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In 2018, it is an significant year for E-cig Brand I believe, and so does each vape businessman. There are a flood of closed pod kit growing and running into vapers’ eyes. Various brands, some famous brands like Smok, Ijoy, Vaporesso and so on, and some unknown brand would like to manufacture such great device and attempt to create niche market by their own brand and product. By this upsurge, I have kept my eyes on many different unknown brand, and caught Vladdin which is really growing step by step.
At the beginning, just one product Vladdin Clossed Pod System Kit with nicotine juice aims at the people who desire to quick smoking, and turn back their life to the non-smoking condition. For looking at this Vladdin Pod Kit, we have to discuss about the attention and carefulness on the product. Small device body, it is small and portable to carry; Ceramic coil, it provides good accessory to improve product to ensure good taste and vaping experience; Nicotine Juice, good quality juice is the essential soil which will lead vapers feel good and healthy, and there are 50mg and 18mg which ensure vapers ‘ needs.

Vladdin Pod System Kit --Closed Pod

To let vapers enjoy pod kit and satisfy different needs, Vladdin engage to improve the product and manufacture different version. Absolutely, Vladdin Refiiable Pod Kit meet most of vapers’ need. The pod is refillable, and vaper can fill the juice as they like, no restriction on the juice. And not dull black color anymore, Vladdin also release rainbow, gold and titanium, which is more colorful, and I believe not only man but also women will love it more.

Vladdin Re Pod System Kit--Refillable Open Pod

Among many pod kits, we have to talk about Vladdin Pod Kits, because its surge of selling, and good review on our website. Certainly there must be another good pod kit product, and it deserves our attention. We will look forwarder to next product.

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